1 EUR = 01.08 USD
1 EUR = 68.81 RUR
1 EUR = 29.41 UAH

How to make an order with our help

1. To draw an order for further purchase-off it is necessary to make registration in our web-site and enter into your User account.

2. To fill in and forward to us Order's form, where you state all necessary information in stated area.

Orders - To add an order for purchasing 

 If you have enough money in your balance, you may draw "express order". At that we will purchase off your order without your confirmation for purchase.

3.  After your Order have been checked and information about additional expences added, to refill the balance it is necessary to confirm an Order and make payment. To check status of an Order and amount of payment for goods and additional expenses you may in Menu:


4. We will start purchasing off your order after payment will be entered into Your account  and after your confirmation (except "express order" ).

If you buy with our help no additional documents requested!

High quality of service
Purchasing fee starting from 0%
Multi-language support
Comfortable mode of payment
Quick repurchasing of the goods
Personal approach
Professional experience more than 5 years
We provide shopping service in shops and internet-shops of France
12/18 Detail
***** Detail
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