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Questions and answers

- What is the minimal ammount of order? 

No. there is no  minimal amount of the order.

- What is the difference between service of virtual mailbox and complete supervising service?

The difference between these services is  what the service of "Virtual mailbox" consider payment of goods by the Customer by  himself. It means, that the Customer make payment for goods on his own, without our participation. While providing of payments the Customer indicates our address as the delivery address only for delivery of his goods. We receive goods and forward them to the Customer.

Due to another our service - complete supervising service, we pay for the goods according to customer's order , receive it and send it to Customer.

If any disputable situation with the shop, we provide discussion  with shop by our self.

While using by the Customer of the "Virtual mailbox service"  all discussions  with shop the Customer carries out by himself. 


-Is it possible to ship the package  into another address or  another receiver's name?

 If goods were paied by us and  Western Union, Moneygram, Privat or bank account  were used as  payment method, we can send goods into any address or name stated by the Customer.

If payment was made through PayPal system, goods are to be shipped only into the name and address of the PayPal-account owner, from  which the payment had been done.

Attention!!!  According to the conditions of "Virtual mailbox" service, all packages are to be send only into the address of the account owner in our site, independently from the method of payment.


-What payment method is the most  optimal?

If it is necessary to purchase goods rapidly the Paypal method is the most convinient for payment. 


- I can not understand how to make payment! have made an order and can not understand where to make payment?

In your account (Finance-Methods) of payment choose the method of payment which is suitable for you and provide a payment. After that insert the information about the payment in you account  with the help of option  To replenish the balance. After that information will be checked by us and this ammount will be counted into your account.


- What will happen with money if the part of  goods from  the order  will be sold out?

 In the case if before the payment moment the part of goods will be sold out - the money will leave in the Customer's balance in our system. This funds may be used for payment of delivery, or another orders, or they may be return to you by transfer. 


 - What is the maximum permitted dimensions of the package?

 The weight of your goods must not exceed 20kg.

The dimensions must not exceed :

For standart sending:

Length+high+width=150cm ( the most long side must be not more than 100 cm)

For not standart sending:

  Length+high+width=200cm (( the most long side must be not more than 100 cm) and additional postage fee must be paid an extra).


 -  I'm interested in purchase from laredoute site, but from the marketplace category. In the list of shops stated " besides marketplace". Does it mean  what  I can not order this goods?

You can  try fo find similar goods directly in the Seller's site, whose name stated under the price of goods.







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