1 EUR = 01.08 USD
1 EUR = 68.81 RUR
1 EUR = 29.41 UAH

Virtual address service

You make purchase by yourself, at your name, and  as delivery address you state the address of our warehouse.

Only for purchases from French and European Union shops, and only for shops, which have give the  permission for purchasing goods by foreigners!!!!

The address and  agreement for it's use is consider to be given and comes in action starting from the date of making of minimum advance payment in the amount of  30 Euros and after cheking of your personal data.

After receiving from you documents and payment, withnin 1 working day, you will receive the address and instruction fro it's use.

Ruturn of the goods is possible only on the terms  determined by the shop, and at Buyer's account.

 All our clients after sending of the goods shall receive Invoice, where all transport expenditures and other expenditures are to be stated. 

Custom declaration for goods is to be filled out by the client.

 When render this kind of service, we do not carry out any responsibility  for problems may arise between the Buyer and  shop, because we are not direct Buyer, and only provide a service of a temporal accepring into warehouse. All disputes with shop the Buyer decide by himself!

  •  Important: It is possible to use given from us address only as the delivery address! It is forbidden  to use any of our data ( address, personal details,  phone numbers, bank details and other) for registration in ebay, amazon and other online-shops!!! If the Buyer make a deal by themselves  we never act as  finansial guarantor before third persons (Sellers)!  The penalty for contravention of this conditions is 100 EUR.


  • Because of the frequently hapening rogue acts and payment  in online shops by the stolened credit cards, you are requested to send us a request for rendering of this kind of service, attaching copy of the top page of the credit card (card which you will use for payment of goods) with closed  central 8 figures and copy of the card's owner passport, after that it is necessary to refill the balance ( the minimum is 30 Eur). After setting an order in the shop, you have to send into our e-mail all confirmations ( order confirmation from the shop) stating the order's number.


  • Attention!!! All orders coming into our storehouse must be paid  personally by Client. We reserve the right to request other additional documents, which  may confirm Client's personality as payer person ( for examle bank account statement, bank letter, lease arrangement (if the  dispatch address do not correspond to registration address ) etc. If you do not give such documents within several days, we can refuse  rendering of such service to Client or Orders, which were received would be return to the shop excluding transport charges.


  • Important: your Orders, which were received with the help of virtual address may not be joined with orders wich were bought with our help.

To use this service it is necessary to:


To sign in our site and send to us a message about the willingness to use this service, with indication of the shop where you are going to make a purchase.
To familiarize with the instruction was sent by us, to check shop's information about the possibility to make a purchase and attach stated documents in the personal cabinet in the customer application form.
To make advance payment not less than 30 Eur.
After checking of all your documents and payment, and after giving our permission, we will send to you address and instruction how to use it.
Each your order you have to register in our site, filling all necessary fields. To make checking of content you have to forward into our e-mail a shop's confirmation.
After goods arrive our warehouse, you have to inform us about your intention to make up a package and instruction concerning packing etc.
You draw up a custom declaration.
You pay transportation expenditures after it's calculation.
After receiving of payment, we finish packing procedure and send it to you. After that we inform to you tracking number.
High quality of service
Purchasing fee starting from 0%
Multi-language support
Comfortable mode of payment
Quick repurchasing of the goods
Personal approach
Professional experience more than 5 years
We provide shopping service in shops and internet-shops of France
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