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Terms and conditions of work

Agreement’s conditions

This agreement regulates relationship between the owner of the  BUY-IN-FRANCE website, in the person of EURL INTER MILA, registration number in the French Register of the Commerce companies  504 049 727 00010, 34800, Ceyras (hereinafter  "We" or   “Performer”),


all visitors of the website  www.buy-in-france.fr (private person (senior than 18 years)  or  legal entities)  and/ or using services  which were rendered by  www.buy-in-france.fr (hereinafter  "You", "Customer", "User"  or  "Client"), excepting services which render third parties.

These rules may be changed without preliminary notification of Clients.


1.1. According to this Agreement, Performer undertakes to provide to the Customer intermediary services on purchasing, storage and sending to him goods, hereinafter named «Order», as per  rates and conditions stated in the Performer’s website, and  the Customer undertakes to pay and accept order in accordance with rates and Performance’s conditions. 
1.2. Performance of this Agreement starts from the moment when money enter from the Customer into Performer’s account, by any of the method stated in the personal account of the Customer.


" INTERNET" – this is a world wide system of join computer net for storage and data transfer, built on the base of protocols  TCP/IP.
"SITE " or  " WEB SITE " – description of environment, worked out by EURL INTER MILA in the address www.buy-in-france.fr, according to informatics formats which are in use in internet in the form of data basis of the different assignment, and particularly in text, audio, video, photo data and animation intended for consultation of the User and for it’s further acquire information on the rendered services.

"ORDER" – the unit of the goods or commercial batch which has it’s peculiar number, unit and total value.


3.1. Performer is obliged to:
- if there is enough value of Customer’s finances for fulfillment an Order, to place an Order, pay and accept an Order into warehouse and send it to Customer  within 5  working days from the date of receiving  from him  instruction about sending;
-  to assure  appropriate storage of an Order,  to fulfill Customer’s instruction on storage and consolidation of an Order, which is on Performance’s storehouse;
- operatively inform Customer about  current  status of an Order by the making  appropriate alterations  in the Private  cabinet of the Customer;
- hold a confidence  about any Customer’s  information and about his Orders;
- operatively take all measures on  settlement of disputes and deal with purchasing and delivery of Orders;
- to consult Customer  free of charge  in  all matters concerned with performance of Order.

3.2. The Customer is obliged to:
-with the purpose to fulfill an order the Customer has  to give to the Performer complete and  true information about himself and about the Order
- to pay Performer for services  in accordance with  tariffs and conditions as stated in site;
- during 5 working days from the date of placing an order  in the Performer’s site to pay full value of an order;
- to pay charges  for delivery of order into address stated by the Customer, according to tariffs stated in the appropriate  part of Performance’s site,
- promptly inform Performer about changes connected with correct performance of an Order.
- In case if you pay for Order by yourself it is necessary to state the Performance’s storehouse address only as the delivery address of the Order. It is forbidden to use address, personal, banking, tax data and other information of Performance’s company and company employees, for registration in any on-line and off-line recourse or in any payment system.
- with the purpose to make timely and perfect identification and registration of orders you have timely make changes in the system concerning orders /purchases which were paid by yourself;
- in case if you pay the order/goods by yourself, on Performance’s request or at the Performance’s  company discretion,  you have to submit copy/scan copy of the confirmation about the payment of an order, Invoice and other necessary documentation concerning the Order;

3.3. Performer  has the right :
- put on hold or completely stop rendering of services  to the Customer if the last one do not fulfill obligations (p.3.2 of this Agreement);
-with the purpose to perform the contract , Performer in it’s discretion but on preliminary agreement with Customer may involve third parties;
- for rendering additional services may charge a fee from Customer;
- for exceeding of free of charge storage period of an Order in the storehouse, in unilateral manner may apply a penalty to Customer, in accordance with conditions and tariffs stated in our site;

-  in unilateral manner to apply  a financial sanctions to Customer for violation Performance’s rules and requirements connected with personally purchased  goods/Orders, as per tariffs and conditions stated in the site;
- if there is no instruction concerning  insurance,  at his own pleasure to make a decision concerning insurance of  Customer’s postal sending.
- to deny the fulfillment conditions of this agreement in a one way fashion in case if :
а) Customer express disrespect , aggression and brutality  in respect of  company’s employees;
b) lack of complete and accurate information about the Order;
c) order contains goods or services prohibited  for sending by the French legislation or  Post service;
d) Customer knowingly gives false personal information;
e) any abuses or wrong acts from Customer to  Performer;

3.4. Customer has the right:
- for request totally or partially return of money for paid Order, if there is no possibility to fulfill the Order totally or partially;
- make changes , adds in Order till it’s payment by Performer.


4.1. All payments are to be done by the Client with usage his personal plastic cards, banking accounts or payment systems accounts.

4.2. Payment may be done with help of different methods stated in the Performer’s website.

4.3. All bank fees and charges of  payment system are to be paid by the Client.

4.4. Any time Client may request return of overpayment. Performer provides return of money by the method identical to method of payment. At that, commission fee of payment system will be at Client’s account.


5.1. Performer do not provide any guarantee for order and do not compensate any charges to Customer if find a defect, breakage or disability of goods.

5.2. Return of goods into the shop is possible within 5 days from the date of arrival of an order into the Performer’s storehouse, only on condition that goods were purchased-off personally by the Customer. All charges concerning with return are to paid by the Client.


6.1. Performer and Customer carry out responsibility concerned with fulfillment obligations on this Agreement in accordance with acting legislation of the country where Performer’s services were provided.
6.2. Performer carries out liability for breakage of Order starting from it’s arrival to the storehouse up to passing to postal, courier  or other delivery service company.  
6.3. Performer do not carry out responsibility for terms, quality and fulfillment of orders by the Seller, and also for acts of third parties such as delivery services, transportation, courier or freight companies, custom authorities.

6.4. Performer do not carry out responsibility for exact matching of colors and contrasts of goods, illustrated in Seller’s site  and were ordered by the Client.
6.5. In the event loosing or damaging goods, delay in delivery through third party’s fault the Performer is obliged to apply forces to settle disputes and repair insurance and others payment in Customer’s favour.

6.6. All information and data had been given by Client to Performer is confidential  and is not subject to settlement to third parties besides except as such information is requested by State authorities of France and also excepting public disputes initiated by the Client.

6.7. Performer reserves the right to close account of any client or refuse any order for reasons of security or other reason. All money available in client’s account will be return to the Client, less commission of payment system for money transfer. If close of client’s account the company compensates all it owes if any.

6.8. Material responsibility does not exceed the commission fee, delivery value and sum of goods, received from Client. Performer does not guarantee delivery of goods, shipping and sending of which limited by import legislation of the country where goods are to be dispatches.


7.1. Both party release from responsibility for complete or partial default on commitments under this Agreement if such default is a result of circumstances of insuperable force as follows of force majeure circumstances (natural disasters, accident, вmilitary action, strikes, change or /and applying standard acts of state authorities and local government etc.), coming of which the part, did not carried out obligations, could not foresee or prevent. The Part which can not fulfill its obligations, promptly inform another one, and provides a document issued by the authorized authorities with confirmation of such circumstances,


8.1. This Agreement comes into force starting from the moment of Customer’s registration in on-line system and from the moment of confirmation of this conditions after marking in the registration  field  "Agree with conditions of this Agreement", and valid till accomplishment by both parties of it’s obligations under it.


9.1. Parties undertake all measures to settle by negotiations dispute and disagreements which may arise during fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement.


10.1. Documents which rider to this Agreement and were received by e-mail have full force and effect and admits by both Parties.


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