1 EUR = 01.08 USD
1 EUR = 68.81 RUR
1 EUR = 29.41 UAH

Mode of payment

Payment for goods and delivery is to be paid at 2 stages:

 1. At first stage you pay value of the goods, shipment in France  and /or our service cost.

2. After arriving of your goods into our warehouse, and after weighting, you have to pay the rest of ammount for  further shipment  of the goods to your country in accordance with Postage rates.

All bank expenses or expenses of payment systems while money transfer are to be paid by the Buyer.

High quality of service
Purchasing fee starting from 0%
Multi-language support
Comfortable mode of payment
Quick repurchasing of the goods
Personal approach
Professional experience more than 5 years
We provide shopping service in shops and internet-shops of France
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***** Detail
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