1 EUR = 01.08 USD
1 EUR = 68.81 RUR
1 EUR = 29.41 UAH

How it works ?

1.Registration in our web-site

The process of registration takes a few minutes. At that it is necessary correctly fill in personal details and attach necessary documents in Customer application form in User account for further use of Virtual address.

To make registration in our web-site

2. Choosing and purchasing of goods.

After that choose the goods in the shop you are interested in and purchase it off.

Purchase-off goods you may:

2.1.      with our help  

2.2.     personally  into our address

The order is to be purchased with our help or already purchased off by yourself registers in your User account. It will be checked, assigned a number, and added additional expenditures.

3. Top up your account and payment

After the order is checked and calculated additional expenditures, the client pays by the method suitable for him, stated in User account, and after that put in information about the payment in our site. To make this it is necessary in User account in Menu - Finance – Adding money put information about the amount, currency and method of payment. Remember, that it is necessary to put information only about the payment had been done!

When the payment comes to us and after checking of this information, the sum of payment will appear in your balance. It takes approximately 1 working day. All movement of funds you may control in Financial history in your User account.

As soon as in your account will be enough funds we will be able to purchase your goods in the shop or pay other additional expenditures. The status of your orders and expenses which were paid and not paid you may view in the part User’s Orders.

4.Preparing and sending of packages

 As soon as your order comes to us and has got status “In storehouse”, it is possible to start preparation for forming of the package. This may be done through Menu   Package – To form the package. Also you can state your wishes concerning the packing. Orders which were bought with our help and orders which were bought by yourself are not to be pack in one package and can not be joined.  In case if you buy gods into virtual address, you may draw custom declaration by yourself, which will arise in your User account after forming of the package and after payment of transportation and other additional expenses.

 Ad soon as package will be completed, totally paid and accompanying documents will be prepared the package will be send. In User account will be stated tracking number.


High quality of service
Purchasing fee starting from 0%
Multi-language support
Comfortable mode of payment
Quick repurchasing of the goods
Personal approach
Professional experience more than 5 years
We provide shopping service in shops and internet-shops of France
12/18 Detail
***** Detail
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