1 EUR = 01.08 USD
1 EUR = 68.81 RUR
1 EUR = 29.41 UAH

How to make an order into our address

All clients using the service of "Virtual address" have to submit into our address copy of passport and top page of bank card. In the copy 8 middle symbols from 16 in top page of the card may be deleted (closed) by the client.  Copies of documents are necessary to identify authentication, which our storehouse may use for sending of the package.

Sending of orders which were paid by the client in French/European shop, is to be made ONLY into receiver’s address stated in this documents!

IMPORTANT: State received from us address only as delivery address!

It is FORBIDDEN to use any our data (address, personal, phone and bank etc.) for registration in ebay, amazon and other online-shops!!!!

If the order was made by the Client by himself we do not act as financial Guarantor for making a deal in relation to third parties (Seller)!

Penalty of breakage of this conditions - 100 EUR

You are requested to pay attention that the shop-render must be in France or European Union. You may find coordinated ot the Seller-shop in Conditions générales de Vente  or CGV.  And only after determining of the place of business you may start purchasing.  We may not receive goods if they were purchased in the shop out of European Union, or in the better way you will be obliged to pay all custom expenditures and taxes.

Weight of your goods must not exceed 20 kg.

Dimension must not exceed:

For standard sending:

Length+height+width=150 cm ( the longest side not more than  100 сm).

For not standard sending:

Length+height+width =200 сm  ((the longest side not more than 100 сm) extra postage fee is to be added).

This is a requirement of our Post for sending following abroad! In other case the Client will be obliged to divide package ( if it is possible) or make return at his own expense.

You may make an order and pay goods by yourself in any French or European online-shop, in accordance with our tariffs and conditions on rendering of this service, in the condition that under registration in this shop the list of countries contains the country of your actual living.

Pay attention that during registration in the site you have to state only your personal details: Name, surname, address, e-mail etc.

If while registration you discover that there is no country of your living in the list of countries of this shop you may not make an order and pay it by yourself!

If you may not make an order and pay it by yourself , you may use the service of purchasing with our help.

Example of shop where you make an order and pay it by yourself okaidi.fr




Example of shop where you may not make an order and pay  it by yourself tati.fr



1/ To receive our address and send your pack into our storehouse you have to register in our site and enter into your User account.

2/Send your documents for checking and receive address from us.

User account-Customer application formа-Documents

Documents are requested: Passport copy (first page and the page containing living address ( or other document which may confirm  actual living address, which will be used as delivery address for your packs), and also copy of the credit card,  which will be used for payment, where 8  middle numbers are closed. At the same time you receive the number of the private box (UNIT), stated in the User account and which you may use after checking of data and receiving of the address.

Attention! Checking of documents and receiving of the address takes 1 working day. To make purchase with usage of  virtual address we have the right to request other documents which may confirm your person or that the purchase was made personally by you. In the case that documents had been requested are not given during 3 days since the date of request goods are to be send back to the Seller!

3/ After receiving of the address you may start  purchasing.

Choosing kind of delivery it is necessary to chose only Colissimo or domiciele.

But to make you possible to receive your order into storehouse, each time after purchasing, it is necessary to indicate this information in our site:

Orders- Add package (Individual order)

     To each registered package will be assign a number.

4/ After the purchase in seller site had been completed, and if checking, photography of the goods and stock-taking is requested you may send into our e-mail confirmation of the order, and in the head of the message indicate the number of the order it’s relates to.

5/If you have tracking number you also may set it in the registration form.

6/ After your orders had been received we issue an invoice for postal sending. In User account you by yourself draw up a custom declaration where you have to state approximately weight of the goods and value.

7/We prepare post documents for sending and send the package. Tracking number will be informed to you in registration form of your orders.

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